We are Ridgeline Labs, an American independent AR/VR game studio started by Henry Zhou and Jeremy Slavitz . We leverage the immersive properties of AR/VR to build emotionally compelling experiences.


Early History
Ridgeline Labs was born in a tiny dorm at Tufts University. After teaming up as pair programmers in Comp175: Computer Graphics their junior year of college, Henry Zhou and Jeremy Slavitz discovered they held a mutual passion for games and cutting edge virtual reality technology. They subsequently decided to team up again their senior year, deciding to work on a VR project together for their Senior Design project.

After spending a long time brainstorming, Jeremy and Henry decided on their first VR game, RoVR. They then started building the prototype with no funding while balancing a full college courseload. After building a prototype, RoVR was entered into and won the 2016 Tufts Ideas Competition. In February 2017, Ridgeline Labs was accepted into Play Labs inaugural batch, a VR summer accelerator hosted at MIT. Ridgeline Labs Inc. formally incorporated in May 2017.


RoVR: In Development
RoVR is Ridgeline Labs' first title. RoVR is a virtual dog simulator. Players can raise, pet, customize, and do so much more with their new virtual best friend.
Beta release: Fall 2017 (iOS)

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